miracles of Islam

A guide to the most important publications to learn about the miracles of Islam دليل مواقع الاعجاز العلمي في القران والسنة بالانجليزي

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miracles of Islam
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Where do I find happiness Peace be upon you, dear reader Do not let them deceive you, for eternal happiness is really there, and eternal misery will certainly happen to many people. I swear to you by God that I will reveal these facts to you. First of all, did you know that Islam is the religion that God has chosen to worship God, He is the creator of the entire universe and what is in it. The Holy Qur’an has been revealed to us that reveals every truth you are looking for. We have all the answers that you have always been looking for Do you know that whoever does not believe in the oneness of God is only one God and he is God His Majesty, whoever does not believe in him, has eternal misery in the fire of Hell, and whoever believes in him has eternal happiness in the paradise of bliss, and you alone are the one to choose. This mind that God has deposited in your head and which no computer in the world is equivalent to is the one that will lead you to all the facts that are hidden from you only on you. Studying the Holy Qur’an, in which the knowledge of the first and the others includes lines of light that enlighten your dark mind with many facts, and we Muslims cry and fear its punishment. I will not longer you or reveal these facts to you. Your mind will discover that on its own after studying what the Qur’an contains Now I have only one question: What if the Qur’an really is the book of the Creator God and you did not believe in it and you know why you were created and what is your mission in this life and are you ready to live in eternal misery in the fire of Hell, then God Almighty has promised that whoever did not believe in his oneness will enter the fire, eternally in it and in it One of the types of torment is what you cannot think of, and what if Paradise is real and there is no blindness in it. I am a Muslim and I have a hundred percent certainty that Hell and Paradise are true This is a message to you because I love the good of all people I do not wish for any harm, even if this creature was an ant, and these lines do not want money for it, because it will hide lines that I deposited in one of the Internet pages. Perhaps they reach every person who believes there is one creator and is looking for questions and my advice is not to listen to those who spread lies about Islam On the Day of Resurrection they will not benefit you. No one will benefit you except for your acceptance of these words with heartfelt and say what will I lose if I study the Qur’an and know what it is, because I have a mind and I will know if this book is from the Creator or from human words And I have a link for you in which there are scientific studies of the scientific miracles in the Holy Quran, try to read them and watch the videos published in them, then search and ask. If you are looking for happiness, trust that Islam is worldly and eschatological happiness and do not forget to pray before bedtime and without the help of any idol or cross or anything, just invite God and say, “Lord, if you are a truth and you hear my prayer, I ask you to guide me to you and which religion you would like to follow Only this supplication every day once, carry on with this supplication and do not get tired of it