Introduction to the platform’s Services:
“Way2all” website provides an open space for everyone, to be the starting point for the fame of bloggers and traders (merchants) in the Arab World and accordingly to the whole world. Where we found that there are merchants and talents dreaming to have their voices be heard by the community, in one way or another. So we provided them with a free space for that. The views of the posts are evenly distributed, and viewing calculating give one chance per view, for example:
If a visitor (subscriber) viewed any of the pages of the posts, the system increases all the posts in the same page with one view each, whether it’s homepage; second; or third to the last page. Even if the visitor (subscriber) doesn’t view all of the posts on the page or play a video. Therefore, we have provided unlimited opportunities for reposts.
Website laws:
All adds types are allowed whether commercial or private. Without any restrictions, the system allows each member (subscriber) to add one post every 24 hours and posts with 300 views can be reposted. This feature is open and free to repost; only you should track your posts, and if you find that the views counter reached 300 views the repost button will appear and be activated for you to repost. The voting button was added to posts, and when repost action is done the post loses all the related votes and restarts from scratch.
The Most votes page:
This page displays the posts with the most votes by majority and then by least.
Voting is based on the Users’ IPs to allowing the visitors (subscribers) to vote on posts. The voting system by IPs sometimes may lose the acquired voting figures, as the importance and priority lies in the post. If the post received high turnout, then it will continue to lead at the forefront.
But the posts already viewed by the visitors (subscribers) certainly will not gain continuity in voting as people are eager for all what’s new by nature. Publication of any posts containing offends to public decency, ethics, and/or public morals is prohibited.
YouTube video addition and criticism comments are prohibited, unless described by the original video as well as the posts.
Any violating post will be omitted and deleted without reference to the author of the post.
For political posts, it should be posted and shared from a social media site, and the news’s link will be checked if it’s copied as it is or it’s edited, we prefer copies from social media.
peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you
Signature: Site Manager
Who we are:
Let me introduce myself, my name is Khalifa Al-Sawafy, I’m from Sultanate of Oman. The idea of the “Way2all” site was originated in my brain cells’ thoughts about 3 years ago, and it is a genius idea that will consist of many vital sections that include entirely new ideas in the social media field, and will provide a well-considered system for the enormous discounts of many products and drawings on valuable prizes. And throughout the journey of constructing these sections, we work in a strictly confidential mood and we will not easily reveal all our cards. Every once in a while, we will surprise our distinguished subscribers with new services that will cheer them up and make them proud that they docked their vessels under the auspices of our site.
In conclusion, I wish to request your Good luck prayers for us, as all the errands are not to be attained, unless only by Godspeed.
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